“I will probably say that I am a comic writer, at the most, and it will be true, I do not care much about the definition that is made of me, I do not aspire to the Nobel Prize for Literature. Come on and tell me: I cracked up laughing with your book “

Negro Fontanarrosa officially known as Roberto Alfredo Fontanarrosa was one of the greatest graphic writers and cartoonist in the world. Born and raised in Argentina, Fontanarrosa lived and worked in Rosario province of Santa Fe where he managed aptly exploit his creativity skills. The Negro name was mainly given to him as a nickname as he was widely known to be affectionate even through his graphic writing and cartoon ideas which were published and produced through the decades.


His Career and Works

Fontanarrosa managed to circulate a great measure of his creative works especially in the Latin speaking nations. He first started with writing and drawing comic strips such as Inodoro Pereyra which featured a gaucho and Mendieta( his talking dog), Boogie el Aceitoso and Dirty Harry were also some of his early finest pieces of creative works. Eventually he further exploited his creative arts potential to writing short stories with a great focus on football/ soccer.

Negro Fontanarrosa did not stop there but went on further to explore his creative arts skills by writing up three novels and seven short story books. El a’rea and La Gansada were two of his bestselling novels. Some examples of the seven short story books he wrote include: Los trenes matana los autos, Nada del otro mundo, La mesa de los galanes etc.
Most of his work is written in Latin which is his native language perhaps due to higher familiarity with it and with the Latin culture. His works have spread out in many Latin nations and have also been published on the Latin American newspapers such as the Colombian El tiempo, Argentine Clarin, Uruguayan La Republica. Negro Fontanarrosa has also been featured in the Mexican magazine Proceso.

He has also worked as a creative partner with the Les Luthiers who were a group of six Argentine members that created both music and humorous shows. In this part of his career he would write great jokes and script shows for them as well combine his ideas with theirs to create great artistic products.

Fontanarrosa also became even more highly reckoned after an animated film known as Fierro was released as he did co- write the script and even design the characters of the animation.

Latter life

Negro Fontanarrosa is still well remembered for his great works as he always produced highly authentic pieces of work in both his writing and his comics as he did state that he loved to make people laugh with his work than he did care about lots of money.

During his latter life in 2003 he was diagnosed with amyotrpoic lateral sclerosis but he never stopped his work until the year 2007, January when he lost control of his hands and could not draw his comics. He eventually died in July of the same year but his great legacy remains alive to this day